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A Take on Dave Matthews

“I am a long time fan of the Dave Matthews Band. I was introduced to the music at 15.  I was so inspired by their sound and the messages in the songs, I quickly became a super fan.

Although I don't often cover live, I know all the material from my super fan days. What better way to pay homage to a band whose music, through the angst of my teenage years, inspired and guided me like a personal mentor?"

The setlist and performance are worthy of any diehard DMB fan's tastes. 

Solo performances use live looping to fill out the sound.  The show is also available in a Dave & Tim style acoustic duo or trio.

Tessis Live 4.jpg


Hear what people are saying about A Take on Dave Matthews

"Best cover of Ants Marching I've seen...and I've seen a lot. This is not one of Dave's easiest. The syncopation and phrasing is tough. Well done Aaron."

Mike Bates


Tom McGahon

"Dude fantastic job you got it spot on. Dave would be proud."

Iain Calderwood-Smith 

"Dude, your problem, if a problem, is that you're too damn good"

Steve Shin

"OMG!!! You're greeeaaat!!! I looooved!!!! Awesome!!!! You play and sing sooo well!! I love Dave Matthews and is really good to see someone playing his songs very very well! Greetings from Brazil!! :)"

Carol Vegas, Brazil

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