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The Legacy of Buddy Holly

The Legacy of Buddy Holly is a musical review of the legendary Buddy Holly, his catalogue, and the stories and songs of those he influenced. 

Buddy tragically died in a plane crash at 22 years old, on February 3, 1959. Years later, this event became known as "the day the music died" when Don MacLean penned the phrase in his 1971 hit, "American Pie", which was inspired by the accident.

From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to Dylan, from punk music to country, the Legacy of Buddy Holly is undeniable, and the Rockstar Co. is the only place to get the full picture.

The epic two set show finishes off with original material from the Rockstar Co. Enter a fan and exit a Rockstar!


Hear what people are saying about Aaron Tessis

"Outstanding show. Especially, Aaron Tessis as Buddy Holly. He really nails it. His enthusiasm and showmanship make his performance a real treat to watch. I am old enough to have seen the real Buddy Holly and I can say that Aaron Tessis could be his reincarnation, he's got him down to a tee."

wizard2399 Lugoff, South Carolina

"Loved the show and our 16 yr old loved it too. Buddy Holly was really good (my daughter thinks he is "hot")."

Thecatsmeow98 Hillsborough, NC

"We loved the show!! Our son and daughter in law and grand children aren't old enough to remember Buddy Holly, but were very impressed with the dynamic performance, and recognized most of the songs."

Craig K | Atco, New Jersey

"We thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment presented. Buddy Holly (Aaron Tessis) was my favorite."

Kathleen V | East Haven, Connecticut

"We enjoyed Buddy Holly the most. He even looked like Buddy."

retired22 Plattsburgh, New York

"Our best show yet in Myrtle Beach! Never was much of a Buddy Holly (Aaron Tessis) fan until tonight."

NanaM0219 Queensbury

"The show was great, very interactive with the audience. We especially liked Buddy Holly, aka Aaron Tessis."

Nancy D | Myrtle Beach, SC

“Aaron Tessis is a great entertainer and deserves to be mainstage entertainment.”

Charles Steffey

“Enjoyed very much Aaron Tessis. He was personable and worked well with the audience.”

Theresa Phin | New York, USA

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