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History of RnR

Rockstar Co. Presents:

The History of Rock 'n Roll is a musical review show that spans through seven decades of legendary music.  You'll be hip-swiveling, toe-tapping, finger-snapping, and head-banging, as the high-energy Rockstar Co. takes you seamlessly through Rock 'n' Roll history's most influential songs, artists and the stories that connect them.

From Elvis to James Brown to Guns & Roses to Elton John, get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that will blow you away.

The epic two set show finishes off with original material from the Rockstar Co. available exclusively at our shows.


Hear what people have been saying about Aaron Tessis

“Aaron's got a really great voice, a great smile, and a great look!”

Jake Gold, The Management Trust

“There are a few artists that I feel ‘have it’ and I think you are one of them.“

Randal, USA

“Aaron has one of the nicest voices I’ve heard.”

Sass Jordan, Juno/Billboard award winning singer/songwriter

“There’s no question that [Aaron’s] got his eye on the prize – making a name for himself and getting his music out.”
David Fleischer, Bayview Post

“Aaron brings his passion for music together with his desire to help others. His years of practice and hard work have paid off.”
Justin Skinner, North York Mirror

“I love it! Great voice, great licks... Very original!“

Chris Studley, USA

“Enjoyed very much Aaron Tessis. He was personable and worked well with the audience.”

Theresa Phin | New York, USA

“Aaron Tessis—Excellent style, interpretations, and interaction.”

Mark Kradel | Pennsylvania, USA

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