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About Rockstar Co

Changing the World
with Rock 'n Roll

Established in January 2017, the Rockstar Co. is a Nashville based collective comprised of music city’s finest up-and-coming artists, musicians, performers, songwriters, concert promoters, booking agents, and all those who support the live entertainment community.

Our mission is to create intimate, world-class, live entertainment experiences that are highly engaging, educational, and inspirational.  We are called the “Rockstar Co.” because once you experience and join our community, there’s no question, you will be left feeling like the Rockstar.  All our events support local charities and businesses that can directly benefit from our collective efforts.

Our motto is, “Changing the world with Rock ‘n’ Roll” and we excitedly invite you to join our Rock ‘n’ Roll army, and be the Rockstar too!

We are currently recruiting talent and booking our debut show entitled, "The History of Rock 'n Roll". The show is a 90-120 minute, fast-paced, hit after hit montage through 7 decades of music history. 

We host a rehearsal jam and town hall style meeting every Tuesday at 2PM somewhere in Nashville.  Please see links below for more information.

History of Rock 'n Roll

Rockstar Co Presents:

The History of Rock 'n Roll is a musical review show that spans through seven decades legendary music.  You'll be hip-swiveling, toe-tapping, finger-snapping, and head-banging, as the high-energy Rockstar Co. takes you seamlessly through Rock 'n' Roll history's most influential songs, artists and the stories that connect them.

IMG_0774 1.JPG

the Tes615 Jam

Come with passion, part with purpose. 

We're building a community of artists, musicians, writers, trend-setters, music lovers, foodies, teachers, students, and all those who want to be a part of the tomorrow of Nashville today!

The purpose of these meetings is to integrate the local community into the Music City artist and musician development scene. We're creating educational and mentorship programs; from inspiring children to pick up their first instruments, to young artists new to Nashville seeking a little guidance and wisdom from an industry veteran. 

We're the visionaries of the Nashville of tomorrow.

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